Monday, October 25, 2010

Suzies Dolls

Each week we're going to introduce a new "Ballet" product sold exclusively at TDAC. These items will be handmade by local businesses that have students who attend TDAC. This week we are starting to take orders for the Ballerina Doll exclusively sold at Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory. You can get the hair and eyes to match your little girl!
This adorable doll will make a perfect Christmas gift for the little girls who just love ballet!

"Suzie's Dolls started out as a family dream to bring beautifully hand crafted dolls made by artisan doll makers at an affordable price. From the minds and inspiration of Suzie, Alex and Grandma Jiji (Hee-hee), Suzie's dolls was created in the hopes to be that beloved doll no girl can leave home without."
The website is, we can make a little banner to go with the stand with the price and the dolls available, we will not offer the doll with the ballet dress on the website, it will be exclusively yours. If the do buy it online they will have to get the doll for $20 and the outfit separate for $8.99 plus shipping.

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