Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Newsletter

September News


New Classes Starting the Week after Labor Day
Creative Movement, Friday 4:45-5:30
Combo 1, Friday 5:30-6:30
Kids Hip Hop, Friday 5:30-6:30
Hip Hop 1 (8-12 yrs) Friday 6:30-7:30

Keeping Our Bodies Strong
We are so glad that many of our students are taking multiple classes and more intensive schedules. We want to stress the importance of fuel for our bodies. Please make sure your child eats before coming to class and brings water with them. Students who take multiple classes in a row should bring a snack for in between (apple, granola, etc). Students who will be at the studio from 3:00-9:00 should bring a meal with them (sandwich, salad, etc. ). Dancers are athletes and must have fuel to burn. We want to promote healthy bodies and not have students fall any sort of "not eating" pattern due to body issues or forgetting to bring food. All the teachers at TDAC feel strongly on this issue and will be encouraging any student that is spending multiple hours at the studio to bring snacks with them.

Program News
Modern Program: Field Trip
David Dorfman @ Vanderbilt Langford Theater
Friday September 24th 8:00. (Meet at studio 6:45)
Permission slips available at front desk)

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