Friday, September 24, 2010

David Dorfman- Modern Field Trip

Modern Field Trip #1 2010
David Dorfman Dance
September 14th 2010
Vanderbilt Langford Theater

Modern students have a rare but wonderful opportunity this week to see the world premiere of David Dorfman's work entitled Prophets of Funk. The performance was upbeat, full of energy, and the sixty minutes of none stop amazing dancing flew by in a second.
After the performance David held a q&a with the cast members and any audience members interested in sticking around. The best part of the night was when cast members pulled audience members up onto stage to end the evenings performance with a group dance. Madison Hopkins had the courage to get on up and get funky.

The night before we went to a master class. What a great opportunity to see how a master choreographer works. David is the most down to earth teacher I have ever had. His light hearted energy and determination to learn everyones name was so welcoming. His movement combines a lot of action/reaction sort of moves. It's almost a choreographed improvisation at times. I really enjoyed getting my feet blistered up after being out of dance the past year with baby.

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