Saturday, June 12, 2010

Intermediate Dance Camp

Students this week took 25 hours of dance in 1 week. Most of them by day two were too sore to move, but the dancing went on.
The intermediate dance camp started off each morning with 1.5 of ballet. Then students rotated with classical jazz and musical theater jazz. Students learned numbers from Chicago, Sweet Charity, and Pajama Game. During lunch our resident licensed dietician discussed health and nutrition. After lunch students rotated with Modern, Improv, Choreography, Dance Media, and Pilates.

Students learned choreography by Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Brook. There is some video of them rehearsing on the last day of camp on our face book.

With Ms. Megan students learned about dance photography. Students experienced being the photographer and being the dancer. Each student had a chance to take pictures of their friends. Afterwards, all the pictures were uploaded and discussed.

During Improv and Choreography students were encouraged to find 3 interesting shapes. They used this shape to begin the choreography process, but we also captured them with some unusual light. The girls were in the photography mood so it was only natural.

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