Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fall Schedule

We have made a few changes to the fall schedule. It is now finalized and will be emailed to all our current students.
The website is mostly updated with class descriptions, dress code, tuition, and policies. The actual schedule page may be a few more days.

Note that we are adding a Music Appreciation class. This 1 hour class for students ages 8 & up touches on Music Theory, Music History, Group Piano and Basic Voice. This class is a 10 week workshop that will start after Labor Day. We are going to be sending out an email inquiring about when you all would like to see that in the schedule.

Lastly, the 1x a month tumbling class has not been set in stone. We're going to be taking a group of dancers 1 time each month to work with some coach's at Let It Shine. This will be for all different level students ages 8 & up. This group will more than likely meet on Fridays and pay a drop in fee.


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