Thursday, May 13, 2010

Their Talent Shows

This past month as school is wrapping up students are participating in Talent Show, Choir performances, and other school functions. Last week Haley Wilder performed a tap solo at Longview's 4th & 5th Choir Performance. Her broadway style solo to "Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows" was perfectly executed and wrapped up with a giant round of applause by her peers. Haley was the only student to perform a tap number in the mostly singing performance.
TDAC Jazz students Madison Gambill and Julianna LeRoy performed a high energy jazz number in their middle school's talent show. Their moves we're sharp and very together. Reagan Boone though she didn't perform a dance sang a beautiful song while playing guitar at that same talent show.

Katie Messina, performed her solo for the Spring Concert at the Spring Hill library in front a bunch of 3-4 year old adoring fans. This coming Saturday May 15th 10:00, more of our students will be debuting Spring Concert originals at the Spring Hill Library.

We are dancers. We come to class to perfect our technique and craft. We are performers. Class is practice for performance.

Congrats ladies. Job well done!

Article in the Informer :


Local dance students pursue community Musical Theater productions.
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This spring multiple students from the Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory were on stage performing!

David Moore a regular at The Old School Theater and Maury County Arts Guild was casted as Jeff Thatcher in Tom Sawyer this past month. David says, “I loved it and was able to use my dance technique that I learned. It made it so much easier to learn the dance rountines needed for the play.” “Old School Theater’s Tom Sawyer proved to be a great success. I had an absolute blast in this show! I was so encouraged by our director, fellow cast members, and the massive amounts of people who came to see the show!” says Laura Irvine.

The Maury County Arts Guild’s musical “Singing in the Rain” featured Kirsten Nelson an advanced pointe and modern dancer cast as a “Broadway Melody” lead dancer. Kirsten says, “It was a wonderful first time experience in theater. I loved my part and hope to be involved in community theater again in the future.”

Madison Hopkins a young pre professional studying dance five days a week at the TDAC debuted on stage as an extra with professional company Trey McIntyre Project. Madison spent a week rehearsing with the company, taking class, and learning what it means to be a professional dancer.

Bravo to local students for taking on the Arts!

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