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Christian Values in Dance Schools?
May 10, 2010 ⋅

Concerned parents sometimes wonder if they can trust a dance school to respect their Christian values in the choice of movements, music and costumes. Spring Hill does not have a dance school specialized in worship and liturgical classes but the dance schools in town are far from a big city, anonymous school where usually the only thing that counts is the survival of the fittest.

What do they offer Christian schools aside from worship classes? The first thing that comes to mind is to provide a safe and loving environment. Respect towards the teachers and towards each other is also essential. Teaching children, no matter what the subject is, should always be done with the goal to nurture the student’s spirits and their self-esteem.

Those are goals, which are pursued by the Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory and Stegmann’s School of Performing Arts. Megan White, owner of the classical based TDAC, “My goal is to provide the students with good technique, classroom etiquette, and knowledge of dancers past and present.” Then she points out, “Our training goes beyond just dance education. As a teacher I believe that we are not only teaching children with the steps we show them or the words we use, but by our actions and interactions in the classroom.”

Bruce Stegmann, co-owner of SSPA, “The teachers in our school are gracious people with a kind and patient attitude. All of us are reaching for excellence in character and are motivated to be role models for our students. It is a grateful position to be in as a dance teacher when you can teach every student how to use their gift and talent and develop each one of them to their potential.”

White continues, “All children have the right to learn equally to be accepted and nurtured as individuals. We encourage our students to respect their instructors, their fellow classmates and themselves. I hope that the lessons learned in the classroom also translate into their everyday lives.”

The dance studios have a fun, relaxed atmosphere for families, providing structured classes and proper technique. A healthy and inspirational environment encourages and motivates students to reach their personal best. The movement and clothing is age appropriate in all dance styles. Music with questionable lyrics is not tolerated. White, “Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory has a strict conservative dress code that honors traditional ballet attire but also keeps its students classically dressed and modest. All music and dance styles are appropriate and represent classical technique in its purest form. I hope and believe we are a positive outlet for children in the Spring Hill community.”

As dance teachers, we are not only dedicated to teach dance but also dedicated to be knowledgeable in early child development, psychology, and anatomy. Many times, we have to guide the students to make the right choices and steer their perspective from the individual to the group.

Being part of both, a great city and a growing dance community, we are proud to incorporate Christian values into our teachings and relations.

SSPA recital is May 23 at 7:00 PM at Father Ryan High School, TDAC recital is May 28 & 29 at 7:00 PM at Independence High School.

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