Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome February!

February Updates:

Spring Concert Updates:

* Costumes are ordered and will be arriving later this Spring.

* More important dates about photo day, dvds, and other Spring Concert related events will be posted with March's newsletter.

* If your student is interested in Spring Concert and you have not signed up or paid for a costume please inquire at to see if costumes are available for purchase.

Safety Updates:

* Parents please continue to encourage children to "cover up" and dress warm in these cold months. After students participate in class their muscles are warm and stretched. Students should always keep those muscles as warm as possible as they enter a cold environment to keep their maximum flexibility and avoid injury.

* ALL STUDENTS must be walked in and out of the building by a parent unless the student drives him/herself to dance. We are retracting our original age of 10 for students able to leave the building without a parent signing them in and out. Due to recent events we ask all parents to respect our request and come to the door to drop students and pick them up.

* Students who are not picked up at the end of class will be asked to sit and observe the beginning of the next class. They will not be dismissed to sit in the lobby or wait by the front door for parent. Parents must come in to retrieve their child.

* No students will be allowed to wait by the door or sit on the front bench for parent.

SIGN UP NOW for Mini Maestros!
This creative music class is targeted to 2- 4 year olds with parent participation. Students will sing, move, play instruments, while learning about music. The class also incorporates a music themed craft.

Call 615-302-3348 to sign up.

Wednesdays 2:00-2:45
Feb 17- Mar 24th
$50 for session

Welcome Baby Maximo Ciccoline White
Born 1/30/2010 4:45 PM

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