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Dancing Thru Birth Certification

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Training Workshop:
Date: March 27-28, 2010 Spring Hill, TN (Nashville area)
Location: 3015 Belshire Village, Suite 106
Spring Hill TN 37174
Times: 9:30am-5:30pm
Fee: $265 Early Bird registration by 1/28/10
$295 Advanced registration by 3/20/10 space permitting
$325 Registration after 3/20/10 or at the door, space permitting

Need a rideshare or roomshare? Please indicate on your registration form.

Workshop is within visiting distance of the famous Farm Midwifery Center!

A Warm "Thank You!" to our Gold Level Sponsor and Host:
Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory
3015 Belshire Village, Suite 106
Spring Hill TN 37174

Dancing For Birth TM at DONA International Conference,

Dancing For Birth TM prenatal/postpartum dance classes incorporate dance moves from around the world that best prepare you to give birth. Birth can be like a marathon, and Dancing for BirthTM classes prepare you for the challenge. You'll become stronger, more agile, more at ease with your body and both mentally and physically ready to embrace your unique birth experience. Weekly classes are offered to keep you dancing thru pregnancy, and postpartum with your baby.

Dancing for BirthTM prenatal/postpartum dance class participants report experiencing low levels of discomfort, few or no interventions, brief labors and high levels of satisfaction during their births.

You'll learn birth dancing moves inspired by Belly dance, African dance, Ballet, Latin dance and Interpretive movement. It's a feel-good workout that challenges yet relaxes and uplifts you. No experience necessary!

At the same time you'll be learning valuable childbirth preparation skills and natural pain coping techniques that will build your confidence in your own birthing ability and wisdom. Birth can be active, ecstatic, orgasmic, transformative, empowering! Did you know that there is an optimal position for your baby to be in when labor begins, and you can help assure that position? You'll gain knowledge to help you have the birth that you envision for your baby.

Babies whose moms take Dancing for BirthTM prenatal/postpartum dance classes love the motion of dancing and are easily soothed after birth by being held while you dance. You'll regain your pre-pregnancy shape and tone more quickly when you continue Dancing for BirthTM classes with your baby after he or she is born.

What is Dancing Thru Birth:

Dancing For Birth TM Instructor Training FAQs:

Who should attend?
-Those who are enthusiastic about birth and birthing women.
-Those seeking self-employment in a compelling new field.
-Birth professionals seeking new ways to help their clients have better births.
-Birth professionals seeking to expand their knowledge base, client base and income.
-Dancers or dance teachers seeking to address the specific needs of pregnant and postpartum women.
-Prenatal yoga or fitness instructors who would like to expand their offerings.
-New mothers who would like the option of working while wearing their baby.
-Active birth proponents.

What if I don't want to become an instructor?
The Dancing For BirthTM Instructor Training has many applications for you even if you do not wish to teach Dancing For BirthTM prenatal/postpartum dance classes. The knowledge you gain will benefit you and your clients in myriad ways.

Do I have to become certified?
Seeking certification is always your choice, not a requirement.

Who should certify?
Those who have completed the Dancing For BirthTM Instructor Training workshop and would like to teach Dancing For BirthTM prenatal/postpartum dance classes.

Am I certified at the conclusion of the Instrucor Training?
The Instructor Training is step one in the certifying process.

I don't know anything about dancing or teaching dance classes, can I attend?
Yes! No prior dance experience or teaching experience is necessary.

Can I earn CEUs (continuing education units) by attending?
Yes. Check with your organization for specifics.
This workshop counts as 5 Alternative CEUs from DONA International.

What if I am called to a birth during the workshop?
You are welcome to attend one or both days of another training, with no additional registration fee.
(subject to availability)

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