Friday, March 11, 2011

Choreography 1- Spring Showcase

Our Modern program consists of technique classes, choreography and improv workshops, educational courses, master classes, and field trips. One of my most favorite classes is choreography. Choreography 1 explored movements and concepts based on a childhood story or poem. Choreography 1 is limited to using classical music and creating solo works. This allows the student time to focus on their movement and the story they are telling. Students have worked over the past six months on building a concept, creating movements, and choreography We study principles of choreography through improv and explorations. Students are also responsible for costume, lighting, creative a photographic image that represents their work, and titling their piece. If you want to know more about the modern program or see these original pieces of choreography please join us Saturday March 19th 2:00 PM at the TDAC Black Box Theatre.

Students in Modern 2 and higher are welcome to join Choreography or Improv class. Next season we will have Choreography 1 and Choreography 2. Our second level will begin to explore group choreography.

Here are this season's choreographers and their favorite photograph that represents their dances. Students participated in a "Photography Workshop" learning the basics of the camera, lighting, and taking dance photography. These photographs were taken by their peers in the class.

Maggie by Madison
Sarah by Reagan
Reagan by Sarah
Madison by Maggie
Katie by Haley
Haley by Katie

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