Friday, July 2, 2010

Email Update July 2nd 2010

If you would like to receive our emails please let us know at INFO@TNDAC.NET

We want to wish all our students and families a Happy and SAFE July 4th!!

Registration Questions:
1. When we're at the studio?
We will set specific hours each week for "office hours" at the studio.

Next weeks office hours:
Tuesday 12:00-12:30
Wednesday 10:00-10:45
Wednesday 5:30-6:00
Thursday 3:00-3:30

Please remember we have are now having open registration to the public. We have lots of classes filling up fast.

Full Classes:
Tuesday Combination 1 4:15-5:15

2. When Can I Purchase Dance Wear?
July 24th 1:00-4:00
July 31st 10:00-12:00
*These dates are also open for registration

3. What do I do with my old dance wear?
*Bring your old dance wear and leave with new old dance wear!
*This exchange involves no money! All left over items will be donated to TDAC's used bin which is used for students who can not afford dance wear.
*We are NOT selling dance wear during this event.
Monday July 19th 6:30-7:30 PM

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