Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tennessee Association of Dance

Students Madison Hopkins and Katie Messina were awarded scholarships to attend Tennessee Association of Dance’s annual statewide conference. This was a taste of the “real world of dance” for both of them. Students got to take from well known choreographers and dancers such as; Laura Brenner (Head Instructor for Giodano Jazz Dance) Pamela Pietro (Tisch NYU Staff Member), Travis Gatling (Ohio State Staff).

Student Katie Messina writes about her experience:

"When I went to the dance conference I was blown away by how many classes there were. It went by so fast! I learned different warm ups and different styles; it was a challenge, but I caught on. My favorite class was Giordano jazz. Our teacher, Miss Brenner, had amazing skill and technique. She came all the way from Chicago that day.

I liked the idea of being in intermediate ballet and jazz but what I didn't realize at first was that I was probably one of the youngest in my group. I was dancing with high school girls. We got to learn some of a dance that took Miss Brenner a year to learn. I was pretty impressed with how well everything was done in the jazz class.

I was even more amazed that Miss Megan knew the jazz teacher. That is part of what made it an inspirational experience. The most inspiring thing about the conference was that I was dancing with other people and learning different types of jazz. I learned that even a small school can do big things!"

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